Florida's Clean Energy Role

Known as the “Sunshine State”, Florida is rich in renewable energy potential. From solar power to hydrogen and more, the state boasts a strong and growing clean energy economy that accounts for tens of billions of dollars in total economic impact, over 40,000 jobs, and billions of dollars in household income- and Florida conservatives have taken notice.

A 2020 poll showed that 80% of Republicans favor increased use of clean energy, and Government leaders are hearing their constituents.


Here are a few of the ways Florida is making strides.

Since 2022, the Florida legislature and Governor DeSantis have invested over $600M into various resiliency projects to prepare and protect Florida’s coastal and inland communities.

In 2022, Florida saw an 87% increase in electric vehicle registrations, making it #2 in the nation for most registered electric vehicles. That year, Governor DeSantis awarded $68M million for 227 electric transit buses across 13 counties. Also, the Florida Department of Transportation is deploying a statewide network of electric vehicle charging stations to bolster the state’s charging infrastructure.

The rooftop solar power industry is a major contributor to Florida’s economic and job growth. Florida ranks 4th for solar energy. It powers over 780,000 homes and supports over 400 businesses. Florida’s solar industry is responsible for $18.3B in total economic impact, supports 40,000 jobs, and generates over $3B in household income for Florida workers.

Florida is quickly becoming a hub for hydrogen research and production, with clean hydrogen plants being built or announced across the state. In 2023, Governor DeSantis signed a memorandum of understanding with a South Korean company to create a clean hydrogen technology and research hub in Florida, which broke ground in June of that year.
In 2024, the Florida legislature appropriated $3M to create the Center for Energy Independence. Housed at Florida State University, this lab will develop key technologies, research, and best practices related to the nation’s growing hydrogen industry and its potential to help foster energy independence.

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Jim Rimes | Advisor

Jim Rimes is co-founder of Enwirght Rimes Consulting, Inc. After working with Randy at Enwright Consulting Group for the better part of 18 years, Randy and Jim decided to rename the company while still continuing its focus on delivering successful outcomes for its clients. Jim has experience both inside and outside the process. Jim has served as a deputy chief of staff for a Republican Governor, Staff Director in the Florida Senate Majority Office and Executive Director of the Republican Party of Florida. His 23 years of experience in Florida politics bring a unique blend of skills in government, politics, and technology.

Zach Colletti | Executive Director

Zach Colletti first cut his teeth in the campaign world working as field staff for Adam Putnam’s 2018 gubernatorial run, and from there moved to NFIB where he assisted their small business advocacy efforts in Tallahassee. Zach originally joined the CCE-FL team while working at Supernova Digital Communications in 2019 and the 2020 election cycle.

After the election, Zach joined the office of Senator Jeff Brandes, a former Clean Energy Champion, as a legislative aide where he worked on a host of issues including energy. After leaving the Florida Senate, Zach returned to the fold on the digital and communications side for CCE-FL while serving as Director of Operations at Enwright Rimes ahead of the 2022 election cycle. Zach was named one of INFLUENCE Magazine’s Rising Stars in 2023 for his work in the legislature and during the 2022 election cycle.

In the Spring of 2024, Zach was elevated to the role of Executive Director of CCE-FL.

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