CCE NC Announces 2022 Energy Poll Results

June 7, 2022


June 7, 2022 Statewide poll finds broad public support for clean energy initiatives in North Carolina

RALEIGH – A new statewide public opinion poll conducted by Conservatives for Clean Energy North Carolina found broad, multi-partisan public support for clean energy policies and greater energy market competition. The group’s 2022 North Carolina Energy Poll, released Tuesday, found that:

• Republican, Democratic, and unaffiliated (independent) voters agree widely on promoting market competition, encouraging diversification of energy sources and making energy-efficient upgrades.

• Support for lawmakers favoring renewable energy options such as wind and solar is strong across all major voting groups – 56% of Republicans, 97% of Democrats, and 83% of independents – while support for lawmakers who favor continued reliance on fossil fuels divides the two major political parties (R 81%, D 40%, U 62%).

• More than three-fourths (77%) of North Carolina voters want changes in the state’s energy regulatory policies to allow for more competition and more choices for consumers (R 79%, D 79%, U 74%).

• To build an issue coalition with unaffiliated voters, Republicans and Democrats can emphasize increased competition in the energy market and encourage the use of alternative energy sources.

• Over half of voters believe the effects of climate change are already apparent. About one in three Republicans, three in five unaffiliated voters and four in five Democrats believe we are experiencing it.

• Unaffiliated voters are more closely aligned with Democrats on the causes of climate change and the need to address it. Republicans have more difficulty addressing climate change. This gives Democrats an opportunity to build an issue coalition with unaffiliated voters.

• Modernizing how we generate and distribute energy resources, coupled with more competition, is a core public policy position that builds a broad and durable coalition among the past, present and future voters.

“North Carolina voters across the board want more energy competition and more clean energy options,” said Carson Butts, North Carolina State Director of Conservatives for Clean Energy. “Supporting clean energy is very popular, as well as good public policy. We encourage all policymakers to consider the poll results and recognize the strong, broad public support for clean energy.”

Methodology: This professional telephone poll of 600 likely general-election voters in North Carolina was conducted May 21-23. The survey included 50% landline interviews and 50% cell phone. The poll results have an accuracy of +/- 4% at a 95% confidence level. Paul Shumaker of Strategic Partners Solutions served as project manager and Hays Shumaker was research coordinator.

News media contact:
Carson Butts North Carolina State Director, Conservatives for Clean Energy [email protected]