Conservatives for Clean Energy SC Announces New State Director

April 1, 2021

Today, Conservatives for Clean Energy South Carolina (CCE SC) announced staff promotions within its organization. Matt Orr will serve as the new State Director for CCE SC and former State Director Giff Carpenter has been added to CCE SC State Advisory Board.

CCE SC is a 501c3 organization that works to educate South Carolina’s conservative voters about the benefits of clean energy. CCE SC is comprised of local conservative leaders who believe in a genuine ‘all of the above’ approach to South Carolina’s energy policy. The organization is committed to advancing more clean and renewable energy alternatives throughout the Palmetto State to spur new competition and choice in the energy market.

CCE SC State Advisor Luke Byars said, “Matt Orr is an energetic and enthusiastic conservative communications professional who is dedicated to advancing the cause of clean energy here in our state. Matt will help advance CCE SC as we take on more challenges in the coming years. And I know Giff Carpenter will make a great addition to our State Advisory Board.”

Mark Fleming, President and CEO of Conservatives for Clean Energy and Southeast Regional Director of the Conservative Energy Network said, “We are excited to have Matt Orr running our day-to-day operations here in South Carolina because Matt understands the real power of our message and how it can impact the new generation of South Carolinians that want more clean energy.”

Over the past year, Orr has served as Communications Director for CCE SC and as Director of Public Affairs for First Tuesday Strategies. Before joining First Tuesday Strategies, Orr served as Public Information Officer for State Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman, Public Affairs Assistant for South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson, and Press Secretary for the South Carolina Republican Party.

Matt Orr, who will also continue to serve as Director of Public Affairs at First Tuesday Strategies, said, “Over the past decade, South Carolina has made tremendous strides in embracing clean energy innovation. We are just getting started in creating a cleaner and more vibrant energy economy. I look forward to working with conservative leaders from all across the Palmetto State to continue to promote the benefits of clean energy.”