Conservatives for Clean Energy SC Releases New Statewide Poll

March 26, 2019

Conservatives for Clean Energy (CCE) South Carolina released a new poll today, showing strong numbers for both President Donald Trump and U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham heading into the important 2020 election cycle. Additionally, the poll highlights the building momentum toward clean and renewable energy in the Palmetto State.

According to the poll results, President Trump holds a 12-point lead over an unnamed  Democratic presidential candidate in South Carolina.  If the election were held today, Trump would have the support of 46%, an as yet undetermined Democrat nominee has 34%, Howard Schultz, an Independent candidate has 3% and there is 17% of the general election respondents that were undecided.

The poll also shows Senator Graham with an impressive 23-point lead over Democratic candidate Jaime Harrison, with Graham getting a majority support of 55% of the general election respondents.  Harrison only attracts 32% of the vote.  Nearly half of all likely voters said they would “definitely” vote for Senator Graham. Graham’s support is throughout the state with his strongest numbers in South Carolina Congressional District 4 (the Upstate) and District 7 (Myrtle Beach).

Luke Byars, CCE SC Advisor and longtime state political consultant said, “These numbers reaffirm the perception that South Carolina is a red state. Senator Graham and President Trump appear to be in a strong position with South Carolinians.”

In addition to measuring candidate support, the poll also measured the support for clean energy in South Carolina. The findings show eight out of ten, or 81%, of South Carolinians support the development of clean energy, with half of this majority strongly supporting. Notably, 72% of SC conservatives support the development of clean energy.

The majority of conservative voters indicated they think increasing clean and renewable energy will encourage economic development. Only one in ten voters think growth and use of renewable energy resources is not important.

Interestingly, 62% of SC respondents opposedrilling off our coast.  Only 27% now support drilling off shore with just 11% still left undecided.

Byars added, “Our survey confirms that state conservatives not only support clean energy, they strongly support developing more renewable energy sources like solar and wind. Clearly, there’s no denying the growing strength of clean energy in South Carolina any longer.”

About Conservatives for Clean Energy –

Conservatives for Clean Energy SC works to inform the public about the benefits of clean and renewable energy sources in state. The organization helps to lead the conversation about the economic benefits of clean energy. As conservatives, the organization encourages competition and free markets, which allows for vibrant, sustainable economies.

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