Governor Youngkin’s Virginia Energy Plan

October 3, 2022

Governor Glenn Youngkin Announces Virginia Energy Plan

“The plan focuses on an all-of-the-above approach that harnesses nuclear, renewables, and new energy sources to satisfy the increasing energy needs of the Commonwealth”

Lynchburg, VA – Governor Glenn Youngkin released his 26-page Virginia Energy Plan this morning, calling for a renewed focus on reliable, affordable and clean energy for Virginia’s families and businesses. The plan focuses on several key areas including reliability, affordability, innovation, competition and environmental stewardship.  Governor Youngkin has mapped out a plan to achieve both clean and reliable energy in a cost effective way by embracing new technologies, innovation, and free-market competition.

Mark Fleming, CEO of Conservatives for Clean Energy said of the plan, “Governor Youngkin is rightly focused on delivering an all-of-the-above energy policy that will lower costs for consumers through innovation and competition. The overwhelming majority of Virginians support this approach, which will help Virginia transition to more reliable and affordable clean energy sources over time and bring new jobs and investments to the Commonwealth.”

Governor Youngkin noted that the plan marks the start of a conversation about Virginia’s Energy Future, which will require the involvement and collaboration of many stakeholders across Virginia, including Conservatives for Clean Energy.  While some of these recommendations are administrative in nature, some will require action by the Virginia General Assembly in the coming years.

Governor Youngkin’s announcement event can be viewed here:

View the Governor’s 2022 Energy Plan here: