Support for Renewables, Increased Competition Remains Strong Among North Carolina Voters

September 22, 2020

RALEIGH — For the sixth consecutive year, Conservatives for Clean Energy (CCE) recently conducted a statewide survey of 600 likely voters in North Carolina to learn more about public attitudes regarding energy issues and the political landscape of the state heading into the 2020 election cycle. Click here for more details on the poll questions and results.

The results of the poll demonstrate that public support for renewable energy and increased competition remains strong.

Key findings in this poll include:

  • 79% of voters, including 67% of Republicans, are more likely to support candidates for public office who support renewable energy options such as wind, solar, and waste to energy technologies.
  • An overwhelming majority, 85% of voters, including 79% of Republicans and 79% of unaffiliated voters, are more likely to support candidates for public office who support creating additional ways for business owners to finance energy efficiency upgrades such as improved insulation, lighting, and windows.
  • Finally, 77% of voters would support a candidate who wants to change North Carolina’s regulatory policies to allow for more competition and consumer choice.

“Clean Energy is a leading issue that has overwhelming support among voters in all political parties, demographics, and geographic areas in North Carolina,” said Mark B. Fleming, President & CEO of Conservatives for Clean Energy. “The results of this poll are consistent with the polling we have conducted over the last six years. Voters who are casting their ballots in North Carolina want more choices, greater market competition, and enhanced access to clean energy, and they expect their elected officials to accomplish these goals.”

“While we have plenty of issues that divide or polarize North Carolina voters, renewable energy is clearly not one of them,” said Dee Stewart, President and CEO of The Stewart Group. “At the end of the day, North Carolinians care about job creation. They have seen the positive economic impact of renewable energy in their communities and want lawmakers who will help keep the economic momentum driving forward by supporting energy policies where renewable energy growth can be sustained and more communities can benefit.”

The statewide survey was conducted on August 4-6, 2020, by well-known political consultants Paul Shumaker and Dee Stewart of Strategic Partners Solutions. The poll results feature a margin of error of +/- 4%.

Shumaker and Stewart presented the poll results during a webinar on September 22, which was recorded and can be viewed here (password: bipartisan):

(The poll results discussion begins at the 8:45 minute mark of the webinar.)