National Clean Energy Week 2019

September 26, 2019

National Clean Energy Week was conceived in 2017 with the goal of advancing support of our nation’s energy sector through new methods of market development, policy change, and technological innovation. Across America, clean and readily abundant forms of energy are powering more than homes and businesses. Taken together, our capacity for safe and reliable energy generation is driving a clean energy renaissance that is creating jobs, strengthening America’s national security, and preserving our environment.

NCEW brings together industry associations, businesses, nonprofits, and advocates in the clean energy space for activities in Washington, D.C. and across America to showcase how they are helping to make the industry stronger, and influence the discussion around common sense clean energy solutions that directly address America’s need for abundant, reliable forms of energy. For more information about National Clean Energy Week, please visit:


Virginia Governor Ralph Northam issued a proclamation recognizing September 23-27, 2019 as National Clean Energy Week (NCEW). The Commonwealth of Virginia formally encourages “individuals and organizations in Virginia [to] support solutions that address America’s economic and energy needs in the 21st century, and implement the cleanest energy technologies available.”


Conservatives for Clean Energy Virginia announced during National Clean Energy Week the formation of an advisory board to inform and advise efforts to expand access to clean energy in the Commonwealth. CCE Virginia’s advisory board is comprised of local conservative leaders who believe in a genuine “all of the above” approach to Virginia’s energy policy, committed to advancing clean and renewable energy in the Commonwealth. The organization’s Advisory Board is composed of the following prominent conservative leaders in Virginia:

  • Hon. Dickie Bell – retiring member of the Virginia House of Delegates
  • Hon. Lee Vogler – Vice Mayor, City of Danville 
  • Ron Butler – President, Creative Direct
  • Courtney Britt – Chair, College Republican Federation of Virginia 
  • Thomas Turner – Chair, Young Republican Federation of Virginia 
  • Eric Paulson – Stakeholder in the agriculture community

“We are excited to announce the formation of our advisory board,” said Christopher West, Executive Director of Conservatives for Clean Energy Virginia. “Voters overwhelmingly support clean energy development and want their elected officials and candidates for office to support clean energy too. When compared to some of our neighboring states, Virginia lags significantly behind when it comes to clean energy development. If we want to stay competitive and grow our economy, we must embrace and grow our clean energy economy. I look forward to working with our advisory board to move Virginia in the right direction.”


CCE VA caught up with College Republican Federation of Virginia Chair Courtney Britt to talk National Clean Energy Week at the University of Richmond. The University of Richmond announced a partnership in 2018 with sPower to construct a 20 megawatt (MW) solar array 50 miles away from campus in Spotsylvania County. University of Richmond’s Spider Solar project makes UR the first institution of higher education in the southeast to match 100 percent of its electricity needs with solar energy.

The 47,000-panel array will produce enough energy to account for 100% of the university’s electricity usage on campus. Spider Solar is expected to produce 41,000 megawatt hours of solar energy, neutralizing 19,720 metric tons of carbon annually, equivalent to the annual electricity use of 4,909 homes. The array will also minimize the University’s exposure to the energy market and ultimately gives UR more control over forecasting their utility expenses.



On Friday, September 27, 2019, Delegate Glenn Davis toured Solar Services, Inc in Virginia Beach and learned more about the solar industry. Solar Services, Inc. installs solar electric systems, solar pool heating systems, solar hot water systems, solar attic fans, and car charging stations. Established in 1986, Solar Services is the oldest solar company in Virginia. Delegate Glenn Davis represents Virginia’s 84th House District which includes part of Virginia Beach.