NEW VA POLL: Close Race for Virginia Governor; Strong Support for Clean Energy

August 10, 2021

To:         Interested Parties
From:    Ryan Munce, co/efficient, Ron Butler, CCE-VA
RE:         CCE-VA Clean Energy Survey


Conservatives for Clean Energy – VA commissioned a survey of Virginia voters to gauge their opinions on energy issues, as well as the current political environment.

Overall, Virginia voters feel Virginia is headed in the wrong direction by a 47% to 35% margin.  A majority of liberal voters say Virginia is going in the right direction, while moderates are split and 80% of conservatives say things are going in the wrong direction.

Conservative Moderate Liberal
Right Direction 11% 36% 68%
Wrong Direction 80% 40% 11%
Unsure 10% 25% 21%


President Biden’s approval rating is a mixed bag. The strong polarization we see across the Country is prevalent here as 77% of liberals approve of job the President is doing and 81% of conservatives disapprove of the job he is doing.

Conservative Moderate Liberal
Approve 16% 57% 77%
Disapprove 81% 32% 13%
Unsure 2% 11% 11%


In the race for Governor, Terry McAuliffe leads Glenn Youngkin 45% to 40%. McAuliffe leads with suburban voters (51% to 30%) urban voters (61% to 32) and women (53% to 35%). Youngkin leads with men (45% to 37%), and rural voters (59% to 28%).

There is broad statewide support for clean, renewable energy, especially solar. 

  • An overwhelming 61% to 21% majority agree in an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy that lowers dependence on fossil fuels over time.
  • 55% say Virginia should put more emphasis on solar power, compared to just 21% less emphasis.
  • Virginian’s support the right of landowners to build solar projects by a 90% to 10% margin.
  • Solar projects are preferred over other types of development like housing or industrial by a wide margin – 60% solar, 22% housing, 11% industrial.
  • When Virginian’s know that solar projects can help provide income to farmers as well as revenue for schools, they are more likely to support solar by 62% to 11% margin.
  • By a 60% to 12% margin voters support the Virginia regulation requiring utilities to participate in a regional electricity transmission system. Support is broad based across ideological lines.

“In a time when voters remain polarized along ideological lines, we are encouraged to see broad support for renewables like solar energy across the commonwealth,” said Ron Butler, CCE-VA state director. “It is clear that Virginians support the continued development of clean energy Virginia, and we are proud to be a part of this movement.”


View full survey results here:

VA Clean Energy Survey 8.1